What is " Ode To Joy " ?

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Summary: There is a famous song called 《 Song of joy 》,German name is " Ode an die Freude ".We all know this song,but do you know the TV series of the similar name?It's 《 Ode To Joy 》,really popular TV in China.

What is " Ode To Joy " ?

There is a famous song called 《 Song of joy 》,German name is " Ode an die Freude ".We all know this song,but do you know the TV series of the similar name?It's 《 Ode To Joy 》,really popular TV in China.

Basic Info

Ode To Joy is a 2016 television series jointly produced by Shandong Television Media Group and Daylight Entertainment Television Ltd, produced by Hou Hongliang(候鸿亮); Kong Sheng(孔笙), Jane Chuanhe(简川訸) directed, screenwriter is Yuan Zidan(袁子弹) ; Liu Tao(刘涛), Jiang Xin(蒋欣), Wang Ziwen(王子文), Yang Zi (杨紫),Qiao Xin(乔欣), Zu Feng(祖峰), Wang Kai(王凯), Jin Dong(靳东) and other people co-starred in this teleplay.


The Ode To Joy adapted from the same name of the novel of the urban women's fashion theme, tells the story of living with the joy of the 22nd floor of the community from the five different families, different characteristics of the girls,different backgrounds, including their age, social status, personality and careersTheir relationships were initially rocky, but eventually they became good friends and neighbours. They navigate their career and love lives, from strange to familiar with each other to understand each other, help each other and growing more resilient.We can find many trendy accessories and costume matching tips with new look.They represent five tipes of clothing with different styles.

Ode to Joy received positive reviews from critics. People's Daily considered the series as a "new style of modern drama" which caters to women. The series has also been praised for breaking away from the cookie-cutter nature of TV dramas that often feature a pure and kind-hearted Cinderella-like figure as its protagonist; and for injecting a new lease of life into the domestic TV drama industry.

Commercial reception

The first season of the drama has over 18.3 billion views as of December 2016, becoming the most watched contemporary drama in China.The total number of views on Youtube has also surpassed 50 millions, surpassing the record previously set by Nirvana in Fire.

How do you think about the performers on "Ode To Joy" ?

Ode To Joy returns for season two in May .There's more than five reasons to watch and not to watch it inside.You would know many fans are looking forward the season 2.Let's see who is your princess and prince in your heart.

Princess  CP  Prince

> Qu Xiaoxiao CP Zhao Qiping

Valentina    Actually, I love all the five ladies but I would say that I like Qu Xiaoxiao since she is kind yet annoying.She wore a flamboyant scarf on season 2,It' s suits her very well.

Of course, my favorite male character is Zhao Qiping! His handsomeness that attracts me lol. also, I like his smartness. I love Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping couple. I like how Qu Xiaoxiao always came to Hospital to attract Dr Zhao.

Salma         I love complicated characters as they are more intriguing to watch. Therefore, I love Xiaoxiao. Underneath that proud and ferocious exterior is a girl that is determined to make something of herself and very frail and unsecure in love. For the next season, I would want her to be more confident in her relationship with Dr Zhao and be successful in business regardless of her family links.

This is a bit prejudice, but I watch When a Snail Falls in Love, and loves Wang Kai’s tough acting. Nevertheless, Dr Zhao is such a great character. I’m eager to see how he accepts Xiao Xiao complex character in his life and handles her rich friends.


> Guanguan  CP  Zhao Qiping

Christine       My favourite character is Guanguan because I think she's so strong and responsible. Hope that she can find her true love in the second season and go for it no matter what (bcs I read some-where that her parents didn't approve him with her guitarist boyfriend)

My favourite male character is Zhao Qiping. Because it's Wang Kai lol. But besides that I love his free and easy going character. Before knowing Xiaoxiao he's that cool, decent, respectable but after knowing her, his true form is slowly coming out lol.


Adrian           I actually don't have a favorite among the five ladies. I like and dislike all the five ladies to an extent. Their characters all have lovable traits, yet they have flaws, too. Though the character I want to see developed the most is Guanguan, because she has been so meek and timid in the first season, I want to see her break out of her shell in this new season.

My favorite male character would actually be Tan Zongming. He's been by An Di's confidant for a long while. Even though you can tell that he loves her, but he's not forcing his feelings on her and he's willing to be a supportive friend/family for her. Sometimes loving someone doesn't necessarily means that you need them to love you back, but just seeing them happy is enough.


> An Di  CP  Bao Yifan

Faiyaz            An Di, because I see myself in her, I feel her struggles with people and emotions. I really want her let her walls down and open up to new experiences, be less anxious. I kind of want this for myself and I would understand if she can't get rid of her social anxiety, I like this trait in her too.

Bao Yifan, he's that blow of fresh air and liveliness that An Di and myself need.

Kimberley   My favorite lady is An Di. She is brilliant, works hard and doesn’t need a man to complete her.

I love Bao Yifan. From the beginning, the way he looked at An Di made my heart race. He is handsome in a manly way. So many of the male actors look similar, like they went to the same plastic surgeon, wear too much make up, too thin or too flower boy. One of a kind and his playfulness, they must have a lot of fun behind the scenes.


> Jiang Xin's  CP  Jin Dong

Marysia          I loved Jiang Xin's character simply because this is the one through I learnt the most about what may look like the struggles of a Chinese woman in her thirties. It only takes a couple of episodes to understand a couple of the hardships she is facing as a woman who is in her thirties. I am almost in mines too, so that may be another reason why her character has drawn my attention a bit more than the other female protagonists. Fan Shengmei is actually sensitive, proud, self-sufficient and quite unpredictable. I like her sense of responsibility and the way she protects and cares for her friends.

Jin Dong is definitely my favorite male leading actor as I think he never fails when it comes to delivering a great acting. In Ode to Joy, he showed us once again how skilled and marvelous he is while playing his character Tan Zongming. I love his wide range of expressions and this ability he has to convey emotions through his eyes. Jin Dong always gives some additional deepness to the characters he plays. And yes, I have to admit that he is one of my favorite Chinese male actors.


Rebecca           I don't think that I prefer one character over the others, they all have their problems and different ways of dealing with them.

I really liked Wei Wei in the first season, he was so captivating and studying him was interesting.

Ode To Joy 2 earned worldwide acclaim in the premiere on May 11st,2017.And more .......................................................


Should you introduce your best friends to your boyfriend?

In popular Chinese soap opera Ode to Joy, a leading female character gives her answer: No!

She warned her roommate that letting her boyfriend meet her bestie is taboo in a relationship. She didn't give a specific reason, but her roommate's last relationship was ruined after one of her friends seduced her boyfriend. 

I don't think a meeting between my best friends and boyfriend can be problematic.

First, as people often say, if you want to know who he is, check what kind of friends he has. I would love to meet my boyfriend's friends to find out more about him, so it would be unfair if I make such demands but don't let him see my friends. 

Also, when we are together, some topics are better left untouched. But my friends can discuss these topics with him and help me get some useful information.

Love may blind your eyes, but your friends can sometimes see the relationship clearly. You don't need to listen to everything, but having an additional source of reference is beneficial. 

Last, let's look at most people's concern. What if your boyfriend falls in love with your best friend? You will lose the friendship and your relationship at the same time. There are even online articles analyzing why boyfriends often fall in love with their girlfriend's bestie.

I see it as a double-edged sword. From another perspective, your bestie can help you test your boyfriend. If he changes his mind so easily, he doesn't deserve you, and your friend doesn't deserve your friendship either.

When I told my male friend, he gave me another idea. He believes that if the woman's friends aren't very beautiful, it's safe to let them meet her boyfriend. As a man, he said he would like to meet his girl's friends and to make a good impression. 

"To have outsiders to say you are good is more useful than bragging about yourself on your own," he said.

But if her friend is a diva, it's better to avoid meeting. Even if he can stand the test, his girlfriend may still grow suspicious. 

"But the key to this question is whether you are confident about yourself and your relationship. If you are, this is never a problem," he said.

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