Let's celebrate Happy Christmas in Duosen Accessory Company

From: Dongguan Duosen Accessory Co.,LTD
publisher: Suki
Time: 2016-12-29
Summary: We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.Here,All of the company staff to support our friends, our international friends,our cooperation customer, express our heartfelt thanks!

Let's celebrate Happy Christmas in Duosen Accessory Company

Merry Christmas,Christmas is both a holiday and a holy day. In this day, people feel very happy.How do you celebrate Christmas in China?We couldn't at Christmas to return to the family home and meet parents,but Duosen is big family.It's another home for us.There are many staffs leave their home and go to far away places to look for a job.So,our company has organized a number of activities to offer communication chance and pass warmth.Bring warm to everyone.In addition to daily reward,boss Mrs Icey Du were preparing various of Christmas presents for us.Thanks for all you have done for us.

This Christmas,we are celebrated Christmas with foreign friends together on Christmas Eve on Saturday in many different ways.We decorated the house and prepared a huge Christmas tree that taller than our meeting room.Small one in the room.It's bedecked with baubles to Christmas it up a bit.Hang the rainbows of colored balloons with coloured ribbons,multicolored '' Merry Christmas" banners and Father Christmas flags balloon on the roof,decorated their houses with lanterns.When open the colourful lights,the whole house is full of festive atmosphere.We also prepared a lot of big apples for everyone.This party is for all the employees and their families.You really get in the Christmas spirit ahead of time here.

I agree it looks better and more like Christmas when it's lit, as in the first picture. It's still different than anything I've ever seen before!


We has a customer visit our company to select samples for his next meeting in Christmas Day.He's so happy for your Christmas decoration." I like it,beautifully decorated.You're particularly brilliant for Christmas " 

Thanks for our accountant prepare many Christmas cards for everyone.So that we can write down our Christmas blessings or New year wishes or sales goal to greet 2017.There is a love.My heart was filled with warm that cold winter.

A delightful Christmas party is being on its way along with delicious dishes and a few choice friends performances.


It's show time.We are quite busy twice than usual at the end of the year.Our colleagues still prepared a lot of interesting wonderful programs show appears to have been carefully prepared over a long period.The energetic hosts who also intermittently marvellous games party throughout the show.Other singing, dancing and other programs are also very exciting, I love it.

They share us the favourite Christmas songs ---- 《Jingle Bells》 and 《Silent Night 》

A wonderful song to children form a beautiful girl ---- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Our sales group performed a happy dance that our show are full of energy, enthusiasm and lots of dancing.It's our morning dance.Hi,everyone together.

Our R&D department show a dance about 《The grateful heart .Thank all the people who support us,care about us,trust us,kindness, encouragement and love,all the well wishes and positive encouragements.New Year's greetings and best wishes!

Our young girls performed comedy sketches for Christmas that name is 《Finding a job》.

It's a interview story that interviewers usually ask some strange and funny questions to see how you react under pressure and how well you handle the unexpected.Any career coach will tell you that learning to express yourself properly and show your self-confidence during an interview is vital to career success.Wish you good day at work, good luck.

Next is the model T fashion show from our production department with the pace of the funny.Happy is the most important.They're bring us a lot of happiness tonight.

After the delighted party,let's take a group photo.As below is our family pictures,it's most valuable experiences and memory for everyone.Us crazy, we laughed together,work together a lot of things,for our family,our customer,the final goal.It's our pleasure to work together with dear all.Here must give our thanks and appreciation for the patience and responsibility to our sales teamR&D department,production department,dyeing department,packaging department and other wokers.Have a good time.


Look at our boss who a lovely elegant lady wear a party vintage birdcage flower headpiece.She has every girl's lifetime dream of beauty, fortune, success, wisdom and sweetness.A subtle silk flower with feather birdcage veil piece for party. A 'must-have' for the woman with confidence, this bangle is both provocative and graceful.


We wish the merriest  of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you  happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.Here,All of the company staff to support our friends, our international friends,our cooperation customer, express our heartfelt thanks!

I would like to propose a toast, to the prosperity and greater success of Dongguan Duosen Accessory Company,hoping to cooperate with more and more customers. We sincerely hope to work with all of you in the near future.We wish our customers has excellent business,everything went on wheels.

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