How to make a cute bow rope hair tie for little girl's ponytail or two pigtail quickly?

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publisher: Suki Duan
Time: 2016-12-22
Summary: DIY pretty small bow hair tie ideas from Dongguan Duosen Accessory.Are you want to DIY a simple and beautiful hair bow for your sweet? Here we'll tell you how to use a general felt and glitter to make a wonderful hair accessory.

How to make a cute bow rope hair tie for little girl's ponytail or two pigtail quickly? 

Hi,my friends.It's a pleasure to see you again.Have you learned the last course how to made a Disney snap hair clip for baby girls?Ok .We are tell you how to use a general felt and glitter to make a wonderful bow hair accessory this time.You just need a beautiful hair tie In the rush of morning.Easily to match a great hairstyle for your kids.Hope to help you a lot.

As below is our DIY hair bow.We select a green bow with white glitter,so pretty match for kids of all ages.There are someone think the glitter is a cheap material and looks so lower.The only things is you didn't use it at the right place.Just like the value of salvaged materials can act as polish for the featured portion of the artwork.This design is small pieces of glitter to connect with thick green felt,or silver glitter with pink felt.

We need to prepare some material before make the hair bow.It's easy to bought these raw material from the craft store.It's worth noting that you need put as few as hot glue between the fine glitter and felt to avoid glue overflow.

1. You will need these materials:

● Thick felt

● Glitter

● Rubber elastic band

2. You will need these tools:

● Hot glue gun

● Ruler

● Shear

● QQ thread (elastic thread)

3It's time to prepare two glitter piece with the wide of 0.3 cm and 1 cm.The dimension of felt is 3.5 * 5 cm.

4. After everything is ready.Let's begin to make our hair bow.As below is the details steps:

● Put as few as glue at the back of 0.3 cm wide glitter piece,then glued with the either end of felt (right and left sides).

 Cut off the excessive glitter end.

● Fold the felt to be a bow.It's not easy to fold a good shape at the first,so try again.

● wind elastic thread on the bow. This tread is so fragile but fixed the felt bow well.

● Glued a around for rubber rope

● Put the rubber band on the back of felt bow with a little bit more hot glue to strong it well.

● Glued the 1 cm wide glitter around in the middle of felt hair bow.

● Then cut of excessive glitter end.OK,done!

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