Do You Know The Industry Price Risk Assessment Analysis About Artificial Flower Crown Headpiece?

From: Dongguan Duosen Accessory Co.LTD
publisher: Suki Duan
Time: 2016-12-20
Summary: How much do you know about China?How much do you know about artificail flower headpiece crown with factory price? Here is a Price Risk Assessment Analysis that can check out your knowing about silk flower crown.

Industry Price Risk Assessment Analysis About Artificial Flower Crown Headpiece From Duosen Accessory Co.LTD  <1>


  ''   Consumers are the gods and quality is his requirement,perfectly service is a candy   ''  

Hi,my friends.This is Dongguan Duosen Accessory company,a manufacturer that supply kinds of quality handmade accessories. In these years of trade foreign export,it's our pleasure to cooperate customers all over the world.

Today.We are going to talk about something that many buyers will meet in the procurement.Different countries for the market and purpose have different requirement about the products.

Beside the unique design,the most important factors for each our customer and consumer is quality.It is generally known that our accessory dose not belong to the one-time consumer goods.Everyone hope to got the worthy products with more and more long service life,rather than some used broken soon.There is nothing worse than a disappointed guest.People always has a sweet sport for the goods that use in a long time than competitive goods. We are able to supplying ever better products and service that working life exceed expectations and keep a best scope.The use experience is greatly improved.


 ''   You will got what you pay for.This is business,also a cheerful business   '' 

Although we have a lot of different ways in which we partner with different accessories.They are distributors,wholesalers,agent,brand,retail,trade company; boutique,emporium,Shopping Mall,Department Store and shop, ect.

The final customer of our products are individual consumers.Our product is aimed at the consumption idea of quality,scheduling,design,packaging,service and so on.It's would be more and more smoother to cooperation with our direct customers.

Our company are specializes in R&D ,the medium-and-high end market as the target market.Therefore,at the same time ensure the quality ,how to effectively reduce price has become an important issue for purchaser.There is a Chinese saying," You can't have your cake and eat it too." This trade-off between cost and risk is ultimately.You will got what you paid for.


 ''  Do my best own,sale our design  '' 

When your target price is far below our acceptable range.We would try to find a accessory factory to product these goods in YiWu Zhejiang if we just want a little bit of profits.Obviously we are firmly don't do that.On the one hand,that approach does not belong to our company development goals.On the other hand,the timing of any future risk of goods are imponderable.Once have any problems,we'll bear all the responsibility.As our own factory,we could control any details in raw material,production process,QC,packaging,shipping,delivery time,after-sale service and so on.

If there are any products with some quality or other problems,we would arrange to rework immediately and will be re-issued if short age.Handle customer feedback information quickly,our QC would deal with the problems about color,stringing, overflowing glue,frayed edges,shape,dimension,ect.It's easy things to processing to the others factory which would gradually small homes largest seizure of sesame lost watermelon.Because we know:To lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others.

Of course,if you couldn't  our price,please negotiate with our sales in several ways.These are changing some things or details which are material,technology,designing style or something else.That's the higher the price,the better the quality.We are honest and straightforward in business.


 ''  If you're going to aim for anything, aim high and think big.People are becoming more and more pay attention to quality life  '' 

So,get down to business,Why there are some customer can't accept our price? You don't have direct cooperation with us.I can't imagine how many agents or middlemen in the cooperation.The factory often bear the biggest pressure that cavil at the price and quality,multiple requirements of samples from customers,hence not very profitable.Why not to cooperation with a professional manufacturer directly?

OK,Let's talk about this Artificial flower crown headpiece. It's deeply affected by every girl's favorite.We begin to analyze the Industry Price Risk Assessment Analysis in the market.For example,If you are inquiry an artificial flower crown.The high price is about $1.45/pc follow uppercase A,the standard price is about $1.35/pc follow uppercase B, the low price is about $1.19 follow uppercase C(sometimes we can't accept this price). If you want to buy this flower crown with standard price $ 1.3,you will enjoy all the services of line of uppercase B,by extension,the other risk of different unit price. That's mean that different price would have different risk and service guarantee.As a factory,trade company and we different is,we are provide free service and original products,support any design sketch customized and factory inspection,our customer could enjoy our VIP service (click to know VIP).

As an example the following is the line for the uppercase A B C character:

   A  High price  < about $1.45/pc>

 ●  Add more complicated design or element 

●  Change your favorite material and special color/pattern

●  Eco-friendly high quality soft raw material

●  No material loss

●  Standard size and measure,delicate shape

●  Excellent packaging according functional products

●  No frayed edges,excessive glue or adhesive failure

●  Hand sewing product is not easy to fall off

●  Neat row of stitches and tacking stitching avoid split seams

●  high-end quality ,strong adhesive strength hot melt glue

●  Accept special test and EU,REACH

●  QC:In house &third Party,SGS

    B Standard price  <about  $1.30/pc>

● Fewer material loss

● Normal raw material

● High quality ,strong adhesive strength hot melt glue

● High control on size and measure,good shape

● Fewer fray excessive glue or adhesive failure

● Mechanization of stitching

● Packing is 1pc into a OPP poly bag/PE,12pc into a big opp poly bag/PE   12pc,put suitable quantity in carton.

● Eco-friendly raw material

● Accept EU

● Good stitching

● QC:In house &third Party,SGS

   C  Low price   < about  $1.19/pc>

● High materials loss

● Cheap materials

● Different size and measure

● Easy fray excessive glue or adhesive failure

● Easy excessive glue

● No quality and security assurance

The examples will make this clear.Look at this two pictures.It's show you a big problem about frayed edges here.The professional manufactures would pay attention to this problem and could avoid this bug with special process.

e.g. One : This is a newest LED light up flower crown.Our patent product with three color changing.We're exported it to us last month. 

e.g. Two :This is a pink rose flower crown for bridal wedding with no special process.The frayed edges is so clear.

It’s not hard to see that some details would make the flower crown less beautiful appearance than others.Looks so terrible.This is a unique design for wedding headpiece actually.Ps:These products are handmade.It's can't to be quite perfect and haven't any defects.

This data is apparent,There're a lot of different about each price.It's worthy to think about what you are want and what is the most important when place the order.You could analyze the price and choose the best products. By the way,please don't ask me how to control the material,color,shape or production process here.We will give more details next time.The important thing is often at the bottom.If you insist to see the last.You will learn little extra things.Hope it'll help you. Oh ! That would be a bit narcissistic !! That's we share some of my experiences in dealing with foreign trade business,we learn each other.

If you want to know more this types of business information ,please follow us and join our website to know our newest news.If you has any question about order,please read our FAQ.We know If you want people to trust to you,you need to trong yourself at first.

Thanks for your reading .See you next time!!

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