How to make a unique Disney snap hair clip for your children within one minute?

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Time: 2016-12-07
Summary: This Disney hair clips are our hot products for many countries.Today.We will show you how to made this disney hair clips as a special gift for the kids.

How to make a unique Disney snap hair clip for your children within one minute?

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This cute snap hair clip is quite easy for everyone,even if you are never DIY before.Today you are able to made a best sweet gift for your little by yourself.Because every kids are love Disney Frozen.It's also a good opportunity to know how did we made samples and mass production for our customers as a professional accessory factory,and how to make a strong hair clip.Let's show you how to do.


For this project, you will need:

  • scissor
  • hot glue gun 
  • ruler

1. A simple pink snap clip,choose any color you want.

2.A few Elsa plastic button as same as our picture.You can bought it from craft store.

3.Several piece of pink felt in 1*1 cm.By that analogy.One snap hair clip need two felt.

❀  Consider hot gluing a circle of 1*1 small felt to the back of your Elsa plastic buttonPlace the glue onto the felt first.Enough hot glue will help give it some stability,press the Elsa plastic button into the glue.

❀  Glued the snap clip with button. Place the hot glue onto the button 's felt,then put the snap hair clip with it.

❀  Glued the pink felt with the bottom of snap clip.  Take some hot glued on the snap hair clip,attached the pink felt piece to covered the bottom of hair clip.

❀  Disney Frozen hair clips are ready for wear.

As below is our steps show:

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