How to make rose floral headband for child with ease?

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Time: 2016-09-24
Summary: We will teach you how to make the easy rose flower headband/crown.It's help you to know us more and understand the production process.

How to make rose floral headband/crown for child with ease?

If you have a family get-together every weekend and more time with boys,maybe you will host a brain dumping first to collect good ideas to host innovative home parties.Everytime several interesting DIY will help you a lot.Such as Floral headband ,party hair band,party paper hat and so on.

If you want to have as many of Flower hair band as possible to girls. I suggest you to DIY them at home rather than buying them cause they will cost you a fortune.We will teach you how to make the easy flower headband.It's help you to know us more and understand the production process.

one minute tutorial about how to make sweet rose flower headband quickly

Sweet rose headband making steps:

1.we need to buy these materials to local craft store

  • silk rose flower with different color ,depending on size  (as picture show)
  • pink elastic band ,1 cm wide
  • pink circular felt ,diameter 3 cm
  • hot glue gun

2.Measure out the cord by holding it around your head.Once you cut the right length.Through the hole of felt and felts ranked neatly on the elastic band. Use your glue gun (or other type of glue) to dab some glue on one end of your elastic

3.Selected the 5 rose flower.Then glued the rose flower to each circular felt,the felt secures the flowers

4.Let the flower headband dry for at least 10 minutes so nothing falls off when you try to wear it

Should you have a question, please feel free to ask it here and I'll do my best to reply promptly.

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This a pink rose flower headband DIY from Duosen Accessory

                                                                                                      From:Duosen Fashion





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