Fan bingbing, beautiful faery style appearance at cannes

From: Duosen Hair Accessory Company
publisher: Suki
Time: 2016-07-26
Summary: Fan bingbing appeared in cannes film festival as a "beautiful faery".

Fan bingbing, beautiful faery style appearance at Cannes

French time on the evening of May 14,Once again Fan Bingbing appeared on the cannes red carpet for the premiere of 《MAD MAX:Fury Road》.Wearing 2015 spring clothing series blue flowers dress form Marchesa.Fan bingbing also match with flowers as a flower crown, with the theme of the dress mutual echo, as if the European court paintings of classical beauty.

She's dressed up a sensation in the world,Like a beautiful faery,it's done so sweetly and gently,there is make you feel to cry, may have no words to explain.The flowers are the most successful fashion element.

This style attracted more attention in domestic and foreign media.Also left a deep impression and memory at fifth time in cannes red carpet.

So fancy flower,an amazing time, and a warm years.

(Duosen Photos)

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