How to match the choker outfit?

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Time: 2016-07-20
Summary: Everyone has a choker at least.Do you have?

How to match choker outfit?

Choker has swept the world.You can see all kinds of choker street snap in the streets of US and UK.All sorts of choker should be part of every womans wardrobe.Immediately make your chic modelling. Many popular star love it and show around the world.Did you feel it?

Rihanna show multilayered and sophisticated choker.The style of wild and hot really in tune with choker. 

Rihanna was called "ShanDong Queen " by Chinese fans in Shandong province,China.

Kendall Jenner  choker is looks like tailor-made for her.

Taylor Swift  Whether to attend the activities,or go outside,choker is her favorite.

How to match choker?Whether anyone can try and look good?Not so serious.In general,you can has choker as long as is not particularly short neck.Remember not to select high collar style,otherwise, be counter-productive.A choker ,can make you feel like a new person.

❀ V-neck line ❀      

Most often matching with choker is V-neck dress.No matter is T-shirt ,blouse or dress,can be stretched neck from the vision,make your face look very small.

Off shoulder  ❀  

This the favorite matching for Madam.Any choker make sure your outfits don’t clash.So sexy and charming.

Round neck ❀  

If you don't like clothes that are too tight or revealing,or not your style.Then,you can choose the most common T-shirt or sleeveless.There will be a feeling of punk.

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