What will you do when you face the fire in the hot summer?

From: Duosen
publisher: Suki
Time: 2016-07-18
Summary: Should there be a fire, what should we do?

What will you do when you face the fire in the hot summer?

Our company will organize Fire Protection train on term.Conduct fire control safety training on employees.Discuss the various methods of fire prevention measures and the importance of employee training on fire evacuation.All employees are to be trained on the proper use of a fire extinguisher as well as escape routes and fire drills,and assist safety supervisor to check each workshop safety.

This is the first half of our fire training.As below is our sale department and production department.We are learn the knowledge of fireproofing and putting out a fire.This time period, in the hot summer,hot weather and high temperature,is our normal fire season.Our machines and workshop need check the safety timely.

Then ,We held a normal fire drill.When the fire alarm system rings,all of our workers orderly speed to leave the scene, move to safety.And help for wounded.

Our trainer teach us how to use extinguisher and water pipe.Correct reasonable putting out a fire.It is important for each person to know what to do in case of fire.

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