We developed 50 pc new items for our Australian customer

From: D&S
publisher: Suki Duan
Time: 2016-07-15

This is a good day.A  Australian customer visit our company today.She is a dolls manufacturer and looking for a factory to supply hair accessories to her dolls.They need various style to match her products. Then,we develop about 50 pc cute hair clip with different style for her.

The customer arrived our company at 11 am.We has prepared all of the hair clips and other design of dolls from regular customers.The customer really like our customized mini hair clip,she looked very excited,laughing happily.Our items are very suitable for her dolls toy style.She select more than 20 pc samples for her nowaday dolls market.And take away a lot of pictures about other design for next season.She love our flower headband .She would like design a serie of dolls for this style.

We look around our develop room and workshop with her.Our workshop are very busy these month.Then she can know all of our production process and finished goods.She is really nice.We are talk about a good time.Looking forward to the further progress.

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